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Online Betting Sites ReLaunch
Online Betting Sites Launch

Welcome to the launch of Online-BettingSites.com! We are incredibly pleased to announce that this newly designed and updated website is now live and can help the online betting community compare the best online betting sites.

We have put our heads together to come up with the most in-depth reviews of betting sites which give a comprehensive and impartial view of what is to like and what is not to like. We do not pull any punches and if we do not like something, we will certainly let you know!

Value in the Betting Industry

Knowing and understanding what value looks like in the betting industry can be difficult, so we have put together easy to read reviews and guides which hopefully prove to be invaluable. When you open a new account at a betting site there are several steps that must be taken to help make your betting experience the best it can be. Making do with a substandard welcome bonus or an unnecessary wagering requirement is not the best start to make. We like to dig deep into the welcome offers and decide whether they are worth taking and if they are not, we will show you an alternative.

Competing Bookmakers

The number of competing bookmakers has never been so high, however the information on the quality of the online bookie has been watered down by poor review sites.

We are not like other betting review sites who just promote every bookmaker that exists online, there is no value in doing that. We do not want to refer anyone to an unlicensed or unregulated bookmaker. Making sure that the fundamentals are in place before we even review a site is a must for us.

What will the trends be in 2021?

This year the gambling commission will be looking to further crackdown on bookmakers and making sure they comply with new regulations recently introduced. They might even go further with newer regulations that could involve limiting the advertisement in sport, but this is just a hunch now.

The Euros will be taking place in the summer and we can see this being a huge betting event with multiple promotions being advertised by all European facing bookies. The whole of the championship may even be hosted in England which will be an amazing opportunity for England to be crowned champions!

We can see the rise of betting in esports during 2021, especially as the gaming industry continues to grow. Choosing the best betting sites for placing an esports bet will be one of our first new articles.

Live streaming will also continue to grow in 2021, having live sports without having a subscription is a nice extra offered by bookies.

Latest Betting Information

We will strive to provide up to date betting offers and the latest betting information which can be easily read and understood to help you make informed decisions. Using a promotion on a bet you are already going to place is always a bonus and can help increase your returns

If you would like us to add any new pages advising the best betting sites for a specific sport, please get in touch and we will look to help you out.

Should you be using new online betting sites in 2021?

A question to think about in 2021 is whether using a new online bookmaker is safe or even a good idea. We believe that using a new bookmaker is not an issue if they have a licence to operate and have the level of protection where your funds are guaranteed. We look to review new sites as soon as we can, and you can use this site to make an informed decision.

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